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CBC News Interviews My Art & Heritage Homes

What a pleasure and surprise to receive my 1st formal interview with CBC Edmonton News this week regarding my YEG Old Houses Project. The title of the article is “New art series will focus on Edmonton’s heritage homes”.

Truly, I am impressed by so many people interested in Art & Heritage houses like myself.

I born and raised in a skyscraper in Hong Kong. Edmonton’s character historical and heritage single houses like a feast for me 🙂

This is my 1st painting project as well as an Edmonton-based project, a way to contribute and salute the Edmonton residence history.

Sharing this good news with my friends in Aeris Osborne Art Facebook Page

Preparing an interview is an interesting process.

Since most artists work on the project from what they feel and /or passionate about, it can be very subjective.

On the other hand, an interview is a rational and different angle of view to unfold the art story to let people understand the art and me.

Painting is the only way to calm my anxious heart. This “Glenora Art And Craft House” was sketched 30 minutes before the CBC interviewer coming

Why? What? How? A great way to self-reflective and being systematic to practice how to share with others.

Of course, it gave me couple sleepless night to think about those questions and how to present clearly.

The interview was done before Alberta COVID’s new restriction. The article was posted after the new restriction released. This art and heritage article was surrounding all pandemic stories.

I wish my good news not only for myself but for the community as well.


After the article was released, I received number of positive responses from community .

At last, I am thankful for Art Habitat Edmonton for my 1st artist in residence allowing me to focus on the painting project. Plus, Edmonton Art Council featured my art news, as well as CBC News’s 1st formal interview from Travis and Chris.

So much blessings from God in these short period of time

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