Edmonton River Valley Sunset – Muttart Conservatory

Edmonton River Valley Sunset – Muttart Conservatory

“Living in Edmonton for 12 years, the most beautiful time is biking among scenic Edmonton river valley biking trails system.

Two folding bikes easily come and go to enjoy blooming flowers and enjoy the lovely warm sun!”-written on April 20, 2020

Aeris Osborne With Her Painting Edmonton River Valley Sunset

The Story Of Edmonton River Valley Sunset Painting

Edmonton River Valley Sunset was my first Edmonton theme painting before the YEG Old Houses series.

It started in March 2020 early pandemic in 2020, was finished in mid-April. Edmonton was still covered by snow, with no sign of real spring don’t even imagine any outdoor flowers blooming.

I need light and hope to delight the fallen world to overcome the sorrow & pain of my heart.

Pink is the dominant color of the entire Edmonton River Valley Sunset painting.

Edmonton River Valley Painting

But it was not selected at the beginning, instead was orange and blue. It took me quite some time to tune the entire painting to the right mood that I enjoyed including redone two folding bicycles.

Dream or Desire Of Edmonton River Valley Sunset Painting

The artist’s dream or desire converted a blank canvas into something more.

A long-lasting spring that could touch & smell outdoor flowers, wear a light t-shirt, and feel the warm breeze by biking on the trail, overlooking different Saskatchewan River valley trees, foliages, houses, and the landmark of Muttart Conservatory.

Edmonton River Valley Sunset,109 St Jasper Ave

This painting has been exhibited at the Art Gallery Of St. Albert in Nov 2020.

Now even displays on 2 large digital billboards on busy 109St Jasper Ave & 104 Ave and Art Gallery Of Alberta till Jan 23, 2022 (basement level).


Starting next newsletter time, I will post & share one of the YEG Old Old Houses painting stories, including the painting process, research, and architectural styles.

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