Art Commission House Portrait

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  • McLuhan House Watercolor PaintingWatercolor House Portraits Paintings
    CAD $ 245.00CAD $ 275.00

    Custom House Portraits Watercolor Painting Do you want to have a unique house painting done with watercolor and ink pen for yourself, your family, or your friends? It can be either your own house or your dream house. I am fascinated to sketch and painting buildings, especially heritage architecture, it […]

  • Victorian Queen Anne House Portrait Work In Progress Aeris Osborne 2
    CAD $ 1,490.00CAD $ 3,890.00

    Colorful Custom House Portraits Painting Please contact me before ordering. Looking for a new piece of custom house/building portrait painting with my signature bold impressionist style? I enjoy creating unique, vibrant, characterly house paintings with gardens, especially historical house architecture. Home is Where the Art is. Check out my YEG […]

  • Custom House Portraits Drawing Canada By Aeris Osborne1917 Edmonton Westmount Custom House Portraits Drawing
    CAD $ 175.00

    Custom House Portraits Drawing About Custom House Portraits Drawing Authentic custom house portrait drawing by awarded Canadian Artist Aeris Osborne. Special art gift for the anniversary, housewarming, or birthday! I am fascinated by sketching and painting buildings, especially heritage architecture, it combines with my whimsical ink pen style to create […]