Edmonton YEG Old Houses

The YEG Old Houses series was created during my 1st Artist In Residence at McLuhan House Artist Studio which is operated by Arts Habitat Edmonton in 2020-2021.

In 2022, YEG Old Houses awarded Canada Art Council – Explore and Create Program Grant

The YEG Old Houses series includes Edmonton heritage landmarks like Rutherford House, Magrath Mansion & The Works Headquarters, and other local historical houses that were built from the 1900s to the 1930s.

YEG Old Houses?

Aeris Osborne aims to combine Edmonton Art and Heritage, while increasing public awareness, promoting education of the value of Edmonton’s rich residential history.


11 Architecture Styles & 7 Mature Neighborhoods

After Aeris doing some research about Edmonton heritage history, she learned YEG old houses were built with various architecture styles, i.e. Classical Revival, Tudor Revival, Georgian/Jacobethan Revival, French Provincial Revival, Spanish Colonial,  Arts & Crafts, Victorian Queen Anne.. For the best result, she went to the field to take house photos directly for painting project references. She posted all reference photos on another IG @yegoldhouses. All YEG Old Houses paintings will be representing 11 classical architecture styles found in 7 rich history neighborhoods, Highlands, Glenora, Westmount, Garneau, Strathcona, Alberta Avenue, McCauley.


YEG Old Houses Acrylic Paintings

Using a bold black line to shape each YEG Old house’s portrait to highlight their architectural style and characteristics, with vibrant bright color acrylic paints to recreate the existing residential with a new look and color. The bold impressionist style captures the essence of the painting object (old houses) and is interpreted by her emotions, personality, and lively style that are developing through the McLuhan House artist studio. In addition, she would transform each of the house portrait front yards to my passionate color to glorify the beauty of summertime since Edmonton has a long cold winter.


Past Exhibitions:

Art Gallery Of Grande Prairie & North West TREX Program at Montrose Culture Center (Mar to May, 2023)

Spruce Grove Allied Art Council Art Gallery (Oct to Nov 2022)

Edmonton Enbridge Centre (Aug to Sept 2022)

Edmonton Little Brick Cafe (Mar to Apr, 2022)

1St Solo Highlands McLuhan House Studio from Aug to Sept, 2021


Why YEG Old House?

Aeris Osborne, a self-taught Hong Kong-Canadian immigrant visual artist moved to Edmonton in 2007. In my hometown Hong Kong 90% population lives in a small high-rise apartment, only a rare amount of the population can afford to live in detached dwellings. Because of it, I have always been attracted to Edmonton’s characteristic single houses, not only the charming designs but also they represent the stability and equity of the society that I have been seeking. Furthermore, Edmonton’s old houses have been rooted in my heart increasing my sense of belonging to Edmonton as an immigrant artist.

Media Interviews & Blog

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