How To Pack My Paintings: YEG Old Houses Travel To Grande Prairie – North West TREX Wall Program

YEG Old Houses 1St Travel Out Of Edmonton To Grande Prairie-

North West TREX Wall Program

Exciting news! Edmonton, YEG Old Houses painting series 1st time travel out of Edmonton! Participating North West TREX Wall program located outside the wall of the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie inside of Montrose Culture Centre. The exhibition is from March 1 to May 12, 2023! The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie is one of the largest Free Admission galleries in Western Canada

Thank you, Jamie-Lee Cormier, Curator/Manager @trex_northwest

Also, thank you Arts Habitat Edmonton provided studio space for my 1st artist in residence & creating this amazing series to spread the importance of the Edmonton Heritage Council

North West TREX Wall YEG Old Houses Packing
North West TREX Wall YEG Old Houses Packing

How To Wrap & Pack My Painting Safety:

Sharing some of my following photos & links to explain how I pack these 12 pieces of 20 x 20 x 1.5 inches painting to ship to 500 km away Grande Prairie, Alberta. Since I shipped with sealed cardboard, I insured all paintings via Canada Post for full protection.

North West TREX Wall YEG Old Houses Packing
North West TREX Wall YEG Old Houses Packing

Pros & Cons of Cardboard For Packing Painting

Material: Uline 22 x 22 x 4″ Corrugated Boxes

I packed 2 pieces of painting per card box. Sealed with packing tapes to all corners and edges.

Pros: Cheaper and lighter reduce shipping costs. Best for a limited budget like mine.

Cons: Easier damage and no water resistance. A wood crate is the best way to protect artwork in the long run.

North West TREX Wall YEG Old Houses Packing
North West TREX Wall YEG Old Houses Packing

Pros & Cons Of Stretch Wrap For Packing Painting:

I bought a roll stretch wrap from Staples to wrap up each painting from top to bottom, making sure the wrap covers the top and the bottom edge of the canvas. Usually, I put painter’s tape on the end of the wrap for easy peeling. And maker to write down the peeling direction.

Materials: Staples Hand-Held Mini Stretch/Pallet Wrap Dispenser

Pros: Protect dirt, stains, and basic water damage

Cons: Stretch wrap is easy to stick together

Pros & Cons Of Bubble Wrap For Artworks & Painting:

Staples’s bubble wrap is so expensive. The most economical choice is Uline Bubble wrap per foot.

However, they are too large and the start-up cost is more. Luckily, the Costco business is selling bubble wrap at a reasonable price. The downside is my painting is 20 inches, their wrap is only 12 inches. I need to double-wrap to cover up any gaps. Most important covered bubble wrap on all 4 edges canvas.

Material: Crownhill Packaging 12 in. x 175 ft. Bubble Cushioning in Dispenser Box

Pros: Easy to control, lightweight

Cons: Some of the bubbles might be out of the air