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All my paintings were inspired by Nature Elements

Lastest Art Stories

  • Italy Series – Vatican City Transformation
    In 2020 Jan, I created 3 Italy series watercolor painting. Two of them were inspired by Vatican City's St. Peter Basilica Dome.I started by a very loose sketch.
  • New Year 2020 Logo & New Instagram Account
    The First Post Of 2020 I wish you all the best in 2020 filled with new good energy heading to 2020. In the past couple of weeks, I had a good break to spend time with families and just be … Read more
  • Snowy Village Is A Winter Wonderland
    White Snow Christmas Christmas time is coming! White snow Christmas is the most highly expected holiday season. Especially, Canada is a cold-weather country. It is very fun to paint Snowy Village Painting (Aurora) especially painted a variety of colors of … Read more
  • About My Art, After The 1st Art & Craft Show
    How My Feeling of 1 st Art & Craft Show? A couple of weeks ago I participated in my 1st Make It Edmonton Art & Craft Show. I couldn't believe it was already 2 weeks, I did a lot of … Read more
  • Castle, A Story of Surreal Castle Painting
    Castle Story "Castle" is my unusual surreal watercolor painting. It was a fantasy realm, I always fascinating Medival architecture. Castle painting was processing and finished when I flew alone from Vancouver to Hong Kong. Taking a long haul flight usually … Read more