2 Alberta Artist-in-Residence Exhibit Together In The Works Event

2 Alberta Artist-in-Residence

2 Alberta Artist-in-Residence/ Art Ambassadors, myself (2022), and Sharon Rose Kootenay (2023) were invited to exhibit our artworks with other local talented artists in the historical Fairmont Macdonald Hotel.

Thanks to The Works Art & Design Festival organized this amazing Summer Solstice Event. Celebrating with all interim visual art students in the historical & elegant ballroom Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Fairmont MacDonald

Aeris Osborne Paintings & Sharon Rose Kootenay Beads work
Aeris Osborne Paintings & Sharon Rose Kootenay Beads work

The most lovely part my 2 pieces of paintings and her beadwork ding artworks were side by side each other in the hallway.

What a special arrangement!

That night was a great way to connect with art sectors, local artists, and visual arts students. There have been several good conversations, I am so inspired by the success of Linda Wedman, the Chief Operating Officer of The Works International Visual Art Society provides a positive influence on the next generation of Edmonton and greater society.

It was so coincidence, that Kaylan, the Specia Events Intern who contacted me regarding the event, we were sitting at the same table with her mother and my husband. She is friendly and helpful 🙂

Also, it was so nice to meet Elsa Robinson a muti-disciplines artist, it is our 1st time meeting in person. Again, how coincidence our paintings are side by side with each other. We also talked about the Alberta Artist-in-Residence experiences.

It was so lovely to have a chance to walk around the beautiful terrace of the Macdonald building which overlooks the Edmonton River valley.