Aeris Osborne’s Artist Statement

As a self-taught visual artist, a visible minority immigrant in Canada. I was born and raised in both Eastern and Western cultures. Cultural background influences my perspective of life as well as my Art.

My visual art is a journey of self-exploration. They are representing the integration between my inner peacefulness and passion. My paintings and drawings were taken from the essence of the landscapes, and surrounding objects. I redefined them and gave them a new identity while keeping the soul of the land and surrounding object. All my visual arts have their own character with no duplication, a medium can be acrylic, watercolor or ink pen. You can find some of my paintings presented in vivid, striking color palette emphasizing the passion of life. Also, you can find some of my paintings presented in the subtle, soft color palette emphasizing the ethereal and delicate atmosphere.

2020 Art Night at Edmonton Convention Center

My artworks have been exhibiting in Galleries, Hospital, Art Completion, Art Walks in Edmonton and surrounding area. They can be found in collections in North America and Asia.

Here is my C.V

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My small original paintings and giclée prints are selling in these 2 places.

  1. Art Gallery Of St. Albert
  2. Tix On The Square in Edmonton downtown.

Aeris & her first painting in 2020 Jan- Tokyo Spring Streetscape

Aeris Osborne Bio

Aeris is a self-taught Edmonton visual artist and a registered social worker in Alberta. Her artworks aim to educate the public to use a new perspective to see things differently through her paintings. Traveling and exploring has been an essential element to stimulate Aeris’ creativity and increase her professional development for visual art.

Aeris was born and raised in Hong Kong and moved to Canada in 2007. Hong Kong is a place mixing Eastern and Western cultures. Cultural background influences my perspective of life as well as her Art. Moving to Edmonton, Alberta to start a new life with her husband, this drastic changes in living environment nutrients my creativity by using various painting mediums. Aeris enjoys exploring various mediums to unfold her unique character through her artworks: bold and vivid colors in Acrylic, subtle color in watercolor, black and white contrast with Ink Pen.

Aeris has been participating in various Art Walks, Group Art Exhibitions and Art Competitions in Alberta. Her artworks are collected in North America and Asia.

Most of my paintings were inspired by the most beautiful places in Canada and different elements of the world – from Majestic Rocky Mountains Ranges and architectures to vibrant west coast colors seascapes.

Aeris Osborne, Edmonton Visual Artist