Exciting Alley Of the Light Art Boxes – Armstrong Block, Edmonton

9 Alley Of The Light Art Boxes, Edmonton Downtown

Definitely, it is my pleasure to have a 1st cooperation with The Places, The Works non-profit art organization in Edmonton for the alley of light art boxes.

For sure, I special thank you to Gabriela Rosende, Exhibit Curator of the Places, the Works. She contacted me and selected 9 pieces of landscape paintings and transformed them into light art boxes for 4TH ST PROMENADE ALLEY OF LIGHT. They are blended well with the Edmonton downtown streetscape. Also, thank you Art Tec for printing my paintings into lightboxes.

Below pictures were taken 30 minutes before the sunset. I think it is the best shot before too dark.

Alley Of Light Art Boxes Aeris Osborne
The coolest things ever happened to my paintings, they light up in the dark – Alley Of Light Art Boxes by Aeris Osborne
Warming up the vintage 1912 Armstrong Block alley to art exhibition place – Alley Of Light Art Boxes By Aeris Osborne

EN PLEIN AIR Art Exhibition – Alley Of The Light Art Boxes

MARCH 2023 – JUNE 2023

Just as March roars in like a lion, so does the exhibit En Plein-Air being featured in the 4th Street Promenade Alley of Light this Spring 2023.

We encourage you to absorb the warmth and light emitted by these beautifully vivid images, inspired by the landscapes of Alberta and BC landscapes, by artist Aeris Osborne. (Credit: The Places, The Works)

EN PLEIN AIR Artist statement and myself

About the Exhibit

“As we approach winter’s end, with muted color in the Alberta landscape, it beckons for the return of sunlight; the warm embrace of spring.  A rainbow resides in the impressionist paintings of Aeris Osborne to fill the air with bold energy, while we await the greens and gold of foliage; the reds, yellows, and purples of petals; the array of blues in sky and water. While we await new life…” (Credit: The Places, The Works)

– Gabriela Rosende, Exhibit Curator

Edmonton Alley Of Light Art Boxes Aeris Osborne
Edmonton Alley Of Light Art Boxes Aeris Osborne

Alley Of Light Art Boxes – Artist Statement – Aeris Osborne

“Road trips have been a favorite family activity since moving to Edmonton from Hong Kong
in 2007. I’ve enjoyed exploring different small towns and villages across the Alberta Prairies,
to the majestic Rocky Mountains, and British Columbia. As a self-taught artist, the past 15
years’ journeys have brought me so much joy; filled memories with colour. Art is self-exploration
and a chance to connect with nature, environments, and my inner peacefulness; a
way to share hope and light.” – Aeris Osborne

Aeris Bio

Aeris is a Hong Kong-born, Alberta-based Edmonton visual artist. She loves to paint heritage buildings, houses, and Canadian landscapes. She is the 3rd Alberta Artist In Residence (AIR)/ Art Ambassador & 1st immigrant artist appointed by the Government Of Alberta. Her paintings are known for bold lines & colorful luminous mixed with emotions and insights.