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12 Colorful Travel Journey

McMullen Gallery’s After Hours – University Of Alberta Hospital

Christmas is coming!

Have you ever thought to buy a beautiful original painting that not only decorates your room but also 30% of the cost will be donated to the charity of Friends Of University Hosptial Foundation?

Currently, my 12 pieces of paintings are displayed at the main entrance of the University Of Alberta Hospital. They are located in the screening area, so might see those bright and cheerful colors when you lined up.

Colorful Travel Journey is summarized by the past 13 years of paintings series inspired by the road trip between BC and Alberta. I am so glad to have the opportunity to display my modern impressionist paintings at the McMullen Gallery Of the University Of Alberta Hospital. One of the rare hospitals that have its own art gallery in Canada to delight hospital staff, patients, and visitors every day.

30% of any art sale thru McMullen Art Gallery Of the University Of Alberta Hospital will be donated to the Friends of University Hospitals a non-profit organization dedicated to improving patient comfort at the University Hospital through gift giving and service. *No Shipping Cost to pick up from the hospital directly.

Colorful Travel Journey – Artist Statement

“A road trip is one of my favorite family activities since moving to Edmonton in 2007 from Hong Kong. Because it was so different here than where I came from, I enjoyed exploring different small towns and villages from across the Alberta Prairies, to the majestic Rocky Mountains and British Columbia.

McMullen Gallery After Hours Gallery Aeris Osborne Paintngs
McMullen Gallery After Hours Gallery Aeris Osborne Paintings

In the past 15 years, each travel journey brought me so much joy, intergrated my memory with color, and expanded my imagination. As a self-taught artist, my visual art is a self-exploration and a chance to connect with nature, environments, and my inner peacefulness. I enjoy converting my passion for life into modern impressionist paintings that cheer people with hope and light. Using a bold black line to shape the subject, painted with a vivid acrylic palette & strong brush strokes, I recreate my favorite moments. I redefine them and give them a new identity while keeping the soul of the land and surrounding structures.”

You can purchase & pick it up directly from the University Of Alberta Hospital