Sharing Interview Stories, Rat Press Creek & CKUA Radio

Why painted historical houses were built from 1900s to 1930s?

Indeed, media interviews did help me to organize and express my rationale about the YEG Old Houses painting series. A few weeks ago, I received both Rat Creek Press and CKUA Radio interviews. Two different platforms media and different scopes of audience.

Never happier than YEG Old Houses paintings projects are recognized by local media. They are interested to know the reason and ideas behinds the YEG Old Houses series and share them with their audience.

Definitely, it has met my vision of the YEG Old Houses paintings project to connect the public to increase public awareness, promoting education of the value of Edmonton’s rich residential history.

Rat Creek Press – Reimagining Edmonton’s Old Homes.

Rat Creek Press Interview Aeris Osborne About YEG Old Houses
Rat Creek Press Interview Aeris Osborne About YEG Old Houses

Rat Creek Press article, the topic is Reimagining Edmonton’s Old Homes. What a wonderful topic to describe the way I interpreted Edmonton’s historical old houses paintings which were built between the 1900s to 1930s.

A well-written article by high school student Grace Tunski, she and her friend attended my Meet & Greet Night they both were arriving on time. Grace’s friendly & polite manner allowed me to respond to questions comfortably. The article focus on Alberta Avenue Craftsman House Painting and the surrounding neighborhoods.

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CKUA Radio Interview

CKUA Radio YEG Old Houses Aeris Osborne Interview
CKUA Radio YEG Old Houses Aeris Osborne Interview

How is a Hong Kong-Canadian self-taught artist interested to paint Edmonton historical old houses?

On the other hand, the CKUA Radio interview was a completely unique experience. 5 minutes on-air time, Albertan could listen to my voice regarding YEG Old Houses is unbelievable.

Originally, the full recorded interview was 50 mins by journalist Savannah Parke. She did an amazing job to ask me another aspect of questions to explore the YEG Old Houses paintings project connection between my background, culture, home town Hong Kong. It allowed me to self-reflection and deeper understanding all started from the journey back to 2005 as an international traveler.

Now, you can listen to a detailed 10 minutes version of the radio interview from their website.