CKUA Radio Interview, Plus Meet & Greet Night

CKUA Radio Interview

This evening Aug 24, 5:45 pm MT, you can hear my 1 st radio interview regarding the YEG Old Houses Art Exhibition and project ideas by CKUA Radio Traffic Jam, talk about the project rationales. If you miss it, you can hear it in 10 mins edition on the CKUA website.

McLuhan Artist Studio – YEG Old Houses Art Exhibition

Meet & Greet Night Event

Aug 6 Friday night, Meet & Greet Event of YEG Old Houses Art Exhibition was one of the most wonderful experiences of 2021!

Nothing is happier the event was smooth and the weather is perfect. Different background visitors came to my 1st art exhibition for the same reason: Wanna know more about Art & Heritage & Architectures throughout the YEG Old Houses paintings series.

YEG Old House Opening Night
YEG Old House Opening Night

Gladly, I have received a number of compliments by adding a short description of each historical house with the actual house photo allowing them to reflect & connect even retrace back their living memory.

During the solo exhibition, I enjoy the most having conversation with visitors and had a chance to exchange thoughts and ideas.

YEG Old Houses Exhibition 14
YEG Old House Opening Night

Your Words Mean A Lot To Me

Although, I wasn’t able to talk to each of them on the meet and greet night. Reading their admirable facial expression and understand the passionate of YEG Old Houses painting series spirit is priceless.

I will never forget your words during the YEG Old Houses Art Exhibition:

” I love the colors!”

“I like the way create your own interpretation of the original house.”

“Wow, the color is so fun! “

“It is so hard to choose one favorite house painting”

“I love the way how you use the color”

“I can’t believe it is an acrylic painting, it likes oil”

“Aeris, I am so proud of you!”

YEG Old Houses Art Exhibition By Aeris Osborne
This orange Ikea chair, coat rack is my favorite move in furniture when I had the studio last October

Again, it reminds me how humble and grateful to receive the artist in residence by Arts Habitat Edmonton.