How To Design Postcards For YEG Old Houses Art Exhibition

How To Design Posters & Postcards For YEG Old Houses Solo Art Exhibition

Since YEG Old Houses art exhibition theme is Edmonton Historical Old Houses & Architecture paintings. Therefore the posters or postcards design not only have to match the theme but highlight the characteristic.

How To Design Posters For YEG Old Houses Art Exhibition

In the beginning, I selected 6 painting images based on the color that can reflect neighborhoods and architecture style for the YEG Old Houses portrait size poster, it took me a long time to select the font and color (I am very picky, lucky using Canva to help) that can be print or upload to social media easily.

How To Design Postcards For YEG Old Houses Art Exhibition

However, I had to reconsider the YEG Old Houses project the purpose of the project was to strengthen the connection with the actual historical houses and people. I chose to create postcards that are tangible and stock thickness not like flyers that are easy to forgettable. Even the cost is higher, the value and impression are better and higher. I used Vista Print to finish all promotion orders.

YEG Old Houses Postcard

Because of that, I added few photos of the actual house which was taken by myself at the back of the YEG Old Houses postcards. Matching the front of the postcard painting images, neighborhood names, and adding IG @yegoldhouses information which was created by this project.

YEG Old Houses Postcard 1

The result of the YEG Old Houses postcards is ideal. Colorful with clear messages, black and white vintage houses photos at the back. Top left corner for a stamp, plus, centerline area for messages. I think is very collectible 🙂


This limited amount of FREE postcards will be given to you during your visit to the YEG Old Houses Solo Art Exhibition at Highlands’ McLuhan House Artist Studio.