12 YEG Old Houses In City Of Grande Prairie

When Edmonton’s local series of 12 YEG Old Houses paintings traveled 500km away from the origin. It is absolutely amazing experience!

Thank you so much for the North West TREX program- Jamie-Lee, curator & Art Gallery Of Grande Prairie provided me with a wonderful wall space to connect with the city of Grande Prairie residents.

Art Gallery Of Grande Praire Aeris & Jamie Lee YEG Old Houses
Art Gallery Of Grande Praire Aeris & Jamie Lee YEG Old Houses

Definitely, the Montrose Cultural Center is located in the best spot in the city hub, from the library to the contemporary art gallery. The story of how the cultural center was developed is fascinating, In 2008 snowbank caused a roof to collapse on the wing of a former art gallery (heritage high school building) and a threat of demolition because of financial drains to receive heritage funding from the Federal to provisional. My exhibition was displayed on the outer wall of the art gallery but inside the cultural center between March to May 2023.

Furthermore, the wonderful artist talk on May 21 is the perfect time to summarize the series plus my April Spain art travel experience. Thank you, Grande Prairie. 🙂