Canadian Geese In Nanaimo Bay Painting

Where Do I Sketch Canadian Geese?

Sketching these Canadian Geese In Nanaimo at Queen Elizabeth II Promenade, Nanaimo Vancouver Island.

In late June afternoon, I remembered how the breeze comforting my tired body after a long walk among Nanaimo Bay.

sketch canadian geese

My husband and I were settled at the wooden bench overlooking those Canadian geese on the shore.

The park was so quite and relax, I decided to capture all happy geese and the surrounding area.

My husband decided to walk around the trails when I was busy sketching.

Ready To Download

Now the “Canadian Geese In Nanaimo Bay” is ready to download for coloring.

Canadian Geese Painting
I trimmed them off after I painted my “Canadian Geese In Nanaimo Bay” print by watercolor.

Try Something Different

Today, I did something new. I printed off my sketch on high-quality Watercolor paper and painted with watercolor .

Honestly, I wasn’t like the painting result.

I decided to trim the way I wanted and shuffle my Geese Painting.

Because of it, the flexibility allowing me to arrange the way I like.

Canadian Geese Nanaimo Painting
My husband arranged it.

I also invited my husband to create his way as well.

I have never thought “Canadian Geese In Nanaimo Bay” can be so fun and full potential!