2021 New Fresh Look TO Aeris Osborne Art Website

Today is official launching 2021 NEW FRESH Look Of Aeris Osborne Art Website!

It took the past few week’s efforts to provide a new fresh and clean look to the Aeris Osborne Art website.

I wish any visitors or customers able have a better online shopping experience when browsing my artworks.

Hence, the new look website added heart shape button for your wish list items. Responsive images when you hover any selected products or links.

Definitely, it was a trial and error process. Some of you may experience my website didn’t respond correctly and with an error while ordering items. The worst is I couldn’t receive an email because I didn’t know there a problem exists.

Lucky, one of my loyal customer contacted me via Facebook art page about my art website problem.

Thank God, I am able to fix all problems on the same night, it is never easy to be a one-person business. But they’re so much satisfaction to overcome any challenges.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any feedback or advise of my site new look.

My website will be updated regularity, please invite friends or family if they are looking for any original artworks made in Canadian artist.