How To Set up Christmas Market & Art Exhibition In Spruce Grove Art Gallery

Do you know the Spruce Grove Art Gallery is inside of Spruce Grove Public Library? Yes, I participated in their 2021 Christmas Market & member art exhibition. The Christmas market is running from Dec 3 to Dec 23, Tues To Saturday 10 to 5 pm. I am inviting any of you who live in Edmonton and your surrounding area friends to come to visit this cozy lovely space! If you are living in other cities, provinces even in the U.S. You will find those items in near future either on my website or my Etsy stores! (Stay tuned).

Meanwhile, Spruce Grove Art Gallery’s four Seasons members also running at the same time. You will find my 2 newest 12 x 12 (in) paintings with my small artworks at the Christmas table. The upper one is Hinton View Mountains (William A. Switzer Provincial Park’s Kelley’s Bathtub Trail View) and the bottom is Dear Deer, a young adorable white-tailed fawn cuddle herself in the grassy field and waiting for her mama returns.

In the past couple of weeks, I was so busy organizing my artworks for this coming Spruce Grove member show and Christmas market. Either put my original small watercolor with an 8 x 10 mat, or print affordable painting into 5 x 7 mat.

In the photos, you can see there are either 8 x 10 or 5 x 7 mats with a hardback. Plus, I got a thermal printer to print a label at the back for each artwork title and self-introduction. In this event, you will see some of my new print & original watercolor exclusively in this Christmas Market with other 15 vendors and free entry. My Christmas Market table items are priced affordable from $10 to $95. It is a great gift idea for your home or your friends, family.

Spruce Grove Christmas Market Aeris Osborne Art 1

You may notice I have a new display board with iron baskets and an iron easel. The iron easel is one of my private collections. And the new white vintage wood-like wall organizer actually is made of metal for a wall mount. It is fairly heavy but I love 3 iron baskets that can display my prints easily. Actually, my sign covered the pegboard. It looks like a built-in for my display.

At last, I would like to thank you for Spruce Grove Allied Art Gallery to organize 2 big events at the same time. Giving me an opportunity to showcase some of my artworks this holiday season. Because of the limited space, I will not be able to attend during the Christmas Market show.