Magical Art Night At Edmonton Convention Center

March 4 was a magical Art Night. I selected 7 pieces of square acrylic canvas paintings included 4 newest pieces to show the public at Edmonton Convention Center, one of the landmarks in Edmonton.

The highlight moment of March 2020

A magical night was able to break through this uncertain world under COVID-19 influencing. A wonderful night just all about paintings and food, there have more than 30 artists participants.

That was the toughest week of my personal life, fortunately, I was too tired a day before the show which gave me deep sleep.

The show led me back to normal and who I always been. I was so glad this event let me out of the clouds.

First time, I entered the convention center from the loading dock area. The convention center staffs were very friendly and well-organized. They helped me to push the cart and leading me out of the labyrinth.

30 minutes to set up and ready for the shows.
Friends, family, and visitors gave me a lot of nice compliments.

I wish you remain healthy and happy to overcome any obstacles this year.

If you interest to purchase any painting from this post but not sale on an online store. Please contact me directly.