Painting With Beet Water On Watercolor Paper

How is everyone doing? Nice weather is a way to heal our hearts. It has been a while I didn’t update my post. I miss you all a lot!

Lately, I have been developed a number of projects, from 4 ft to 4 ft floral paintings, Alberta theme painting to hand-sewn 3 layers Cotton Mask With Filter Pocket and Nose Wire. It is made to order and it took me a day to finish 🙂

Evergreen Tree Beet Water On Watercolor Paper
Evergreen Tree Beet Water On Watercolor Paper

Today I am sharing a new experiment to paint with Beet water/ juice on watercolor paper video for all of you.

This particular beet water was leftover from Beet canned.

Reusable beet water with intensive Peony color natural pigment.

In this short video, you can see I painted it spontaneously on existing evergreen trees watercolor painting.

Please feel free to share my video to your friend or families 🙂

In near feature, I wish can share more about my recent artworks. Stay home, stay safe!