Preparation First Make It Edmonton Art And Craft Show

Preparation 1 st Art And Craft Show

Lesser than 2 weeks my first art and craft show “Make It EDMONTON” at Northland Expo Center, H hall!

Make It Edmonton will be held within Nov 21 to 24, and my table setup will be a day before.

Until now, my Art by Aeris information is still not displayed on their official website. I wish it will be updated soon.

Hurray! I am excited.

On the other hand, I have been thinking relentlessly about how to display and fully utilized it in the smallest booth of the show.

It is 6 X 6 feet. Yes, it is small but they included a chair and a small table.

Yes, I know I have a lot of original paintings and prints to share. But, as a first-time art and craft show exhibition, I want to test out how audience reaction. I paid the lowest cost.

Yesterday, I got noticed my art and craft show booth will be at the back of the hall. It is closed by end exit and a food court

Honestly, I don’t know how good or bad will be.

In this Make It EDMONTON the art and craft show more than 120 vendors.

My purposes for this art and craft show will be my experiments. The operation cost including all materials to prepare this tiny booth already fairly high.

Honestly, I want this art show in my home as an open house show would be much easier..haha

Art Craft Show
A Chance to review my forgotten paintings

The great news is I got an opportunity to review some older paintings. Some might be forgotten now have a chance to shine again!

Because of the art and craft shows, it offered me opportunities to retouch up paintings and ready for the event.

Front of Art By Aeris business card

Here is my newest design business card arrived finally.

Clean and Fresh.

Overall, I am happy with the card texture and the print result. I have designed 3 templates, this is the final winner.

Using a simple pattern and graphics instead of my painting to represent me in this business card.

The back of the card tells a story of myself.

It is what I think the best at the moment.

Currently, my home is messy. A reality of artist life, not a typical Aeris’s style.

Usually, my home impression is clean and tidy 🙂