Garden Goddess Crossover With Dunhuang Mogao Cave Mural

What Special of Garden Goddess?

Garden Goddess” a watercolor painting was inspired by Western fairy gardens and ancient Chinese fantasy.

Garden Goddess painting dimension is a 7.5 x 10.5 in watercolor painting.

Garden Goddess Watercolor Painting

What Is Dunhuang Mogao?

The goddess’s dancing movement was inspired by Dunhuang Mogao Cave Mural Art back to 2000 years ago.

During late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, Western explorers began to show interest in the ancient Silk Road and the lost cities of Central Asia, and those who passed through Dunhuang noted the murals, sculptures, and artifacts such as the Stele of Sulaiman at Mogao. The biggest discovery, however, came from a Chinese Taoist named Wang Yuanlu who appointed himself guardian of some of these temples around the turn of the century

Close Up “Goddess Garden”

How is Garden Goddess look like?

The garden goddess is a miniature size figure, she is smaller than flowers size.

The garden goddess was blessing her garden, flowers, and plants by following the ancient dancing movement.

Goddess’s eyes are sapphire blue, lips color like a blossoming cherry, the skin is flawless.

She loves singing with her angel voice, bringing harmony and peace to her lands.