Setting Up The Art & Craft Booth At Home, 6 x 6 ft

As the previous post mentioned, 2019 Make It Edmonton will be my first art and craft show.

Setting up the small booth only 6 x 6 ft, without actual setup and visualize. It can let the art and craft booth overcrowd.

Thanks to my husband put the paint tape to set up my art and craft booth size in the basement. Also, he had set up all grid panels ready to hang my paintings.

The reality is I have to remove a few “big” items from my art booth. (well.. I didn’t feel that big when they display in my home)

The 5 tier foldable metal display rack is a great way to displays my painting collection.

Originally, I planned to use the 5 tier metal display rack displaying my ink pen print.

After reading more articles, I realized showing the original paintings to reach an audience is more important than the print.

As a result, I gave the big rack to my original watercolor paintings. My ink pen prints are on the side.

Because of the limited space, I put 3 grid panels to L shape. The grid panel will display my original acrylic paintings.

I had read quit a few articles about setting the booth, including the pattern or tone about the table cloth.

art and craft booth
Art & Craft Booth Demonstration. Flowers or no flowers table cloth?

There is no right or wrong on how to choose or layout. Good to send out a small survey to friends about the opinion preventing the sight of the blind.

Properly, you have to choose something stands out with the crowds when you have over 150 competitors/vendors.

I think the personal touch is important.

Art by Aeris envelope
Paper Bags stamped with Art By Aeris Osborne. Made in Canada

I wish my audience can feel the same way 🙂

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    • I am admired that you shared extra history information about craft or trade.

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