Castle, A Story of Surreal Castle Painting

Castle Story

“Castle” is my unusual surreal watercolor painting.

It was a fantasy realm, I always fascinating Medival architecture.

Castle Watercolor Painting

Castle painting was processing and finished when I flew alone from Vancouver to Hong Kong.

Taking a long haul flight usually is exhausted and boredom.

This painting was inspired by Air Canada magazine. Exactly location or picture I couldn’t remember.

Castle Watercolor Painting

It could be somewhere in Germany or even Disney waltz?

The best way to let flight time fly is by doing something that you are interested in.

For me, I love to bring travel-size watercolor pan, small paintbrush and watercolor block or watercolor sketchbook.

Castle Watercolor Painting

I have never shown this painting to the public before. Thank you for the coming craft show that I have a chance to organize my art stock 🙂

A lucky ladies in the art & craft show purchased this painting. I can see her eyes she liked this painting very much.