About My Art, After The 1st Art & Craft Show

How My Feeling of 1 st Art & Craft Show?

A couple of weeks ago I participated in my 1st Make It Edmonton Art & Craft Show.

I couldn’t believe it was already 2 weeks, I did a lot of preparation for my small booth :).

Honestly, after the art and craft show, I was very exhausted. Properly, I didn’t work extending long hours for quite some time.

Edmonton Make It
My First Edmonton Make It Art And Craft Show

On the other hand, I was very grateful for that art and craft show experience.

What Is The Best Experience?

Nothing is more special than hearing a lot of visitors compliments about my artworks and skills

Their positive comments mean a lot to work. It gave me strength and courage.

Art with Heart.

Edmonton Make It
Art By Aeris Booth Edmonton Make It

I wish any of you can feel my heart when they saw my paintings.

As my artist statement and bio page mentioned, my painting is captured beautifully of life journey.

You are right, my paintings were only captured the beauty of goodness.

We need it, aren’t we?

“Light…Cheerful..Hope”, some of the compliments I heard during the Edmonton art and craft show.

Edmonton Make It
Watercolor Painting In Edmonton Art & Craft Show

Honestly, I was surprised to hear those feedback because I didn’t even realize it.

I paint only my heart want to paint.

My heart wants to paint only on a relaxing and calm day. It could be a sunny day, a snowy day but I usually paint in the day time.

You may not know, I did live watercolor painting in the art and craft show.

Surprisingly, I feel calm when I was focused on the painting even the art and craft show event had over 10000 visitors in those four days.

Attending Art & Craft show is a big different than participating in any Art Fair or Exhibition.

Edmonton Make It
Watercolor Live Painting During The Art & Craft Show

Inspiration me to have a new learning approach and plan differently.

Any New Insight After The Show?

The workshop page is created after the art and craft show because of people’s inquiries about the watercolor workshop.

The watercolor workshop is changed to a flexible private class.

A private class will be on day time only, can be with either morning or afternoon.

The best experience of the art and craft show is knowing more people.

Engaging new people from the audience to neighbor vendors to the event organizers. All were wonderful experiences.